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Despite marijuana, Louisiana worker may be eligible for benefits

Workers' compensation is a common benefit to which nearly all individuals who are employed in Louisiana are entitled. Generally, employers are happy to provide workers' compensation insurance either because they are required by law or because they simply value the well-being of their employees and want their workers to know that in the event of an accident, workers will be cared for. Because workers' compensation benefits are provided by employers, it is usually relatively simple for injured workers to file successful claims if they were injured on the job.

Fatal car accident occurs in Louisiana

It seems that no matter how much awareness is raised against reckless or aggressive driving, car accidents continue to happen and in particularly tragic instances, people are killed because of such accidents. The law is very clear in allowing victims of car accidents to recover compensation for their injuries if they can prove that they were not at fault in the accident. Unfortunately, while the law may be clear, the accidents themselves may not be so clear.

Workplace injuries could mean workers' compensation

Workplace injuries may not be commonplace, but they certainly occur and, depending on your occupation, they may occur more often than usual. Construction workers, for example, face much greater occupational hazards than software developers. Construction workers often work at extreme heights or around heavy machinery, whereas software developers are often sitting in a chair typing away at computers. However, nobody is truly immune to workplace injuries. Though software development may seem like a cushy, safe job, such workers may suffer back pain from sitting at a desk all day, or suffer carpal tunnel syndrome from excessive typing.

I was injured in a truck accident. Should I settle out of court?

Trucking companies are usually very quick to investigate accidents, and they will search for any possible way that they can avoid liability in the event of a truck accident. However, there are some accidents that they simply cannot deny, and they are fully aware that their insurance will have to make a payout. In these instances, trucking companies may attempt to settle the case out of court by offering injured victims a specified amount of money. Whether or not victims should take this offer depends on the circumstances.

Injured seaman alleges negligence against former employer

Offshore employment is a significant part of Louisiana's economy, with many of our state's able-bodied workers earning their paycheck on ships or oil rigs out in the gulf. If you are one such individual, or if you know someone who is employed offshore, you may have heard that offshore workers are not entitled to the same workers' compensation benefits that most landside employees are. This means that despite the dangerous nature of their work, offshore workers may be left on their own in the event of an injury, offered no financial assistance or compensatory benefits from their employers.

However, just because offshore workers are not entitled to workers' compensation benefits does not mean that offshore employers have no obligations to provide for their workers. The Jones Act offers protections that are similar to workers' compensation to offshore workers, allowing them certain legal rights when injured on the job. This is important for offshore workers who may suffer debilitating injuries, such as the man who is currently suing Offshore Marin Contractors, Inc. in a Louisiana court.

Protections afforded by the Jones Act

The Jones Act is an extremely important legal document for offshore workers because it affords them critical legal rights and protections that affect working at sea and the dangers therein. For a number of different reasons, offshore work environments are extremely dangerous. Similar to construction sites, there are large machines and contraptions required to perform the work, and the nature of weather conditions and many of the structures on which offshore work is performed contribute to how dangerous the work is.

The dangers of these risky and hazardous conditions are exacerbated by the fact that offshore workers are not entitled to workers' compensation benefits like most other American workers. This affects many Louisiana residents who are employed offshore. However, these employees should know that they can still be compensated if they suffer an injury on the job thanks to the protections afforded by the Jones Act.

Defective drugs can cause serious health issues

Human beings use a large amount of products on a daily basis in order to maintain the lifestyles to which we are accustomed. This includes the cars that we use to drive to work or go to the grocery store, the phones that we use to talk to family and set up appointments and much more. If these products are defective, they can cause serious injury to those who are using them. Depending on the product, these injuries can range from physical injury such as bruises or cuts to toxic or chemical injuries.

What is Louisiana's statute of limitations for product liability?

Product liability is a fairly large area of personal injury law, and while it may not be as widely acknowledged as car accidents or other motor vehicle accidents, it is nonetheless a large issue for many individuals all across the country. Every day people are injured because they chose to use a product that was dangerous or defective due to an error or negligent practice by the parties that designed, manufactured or distributed the product.

Helping injured drivers determine fault

Every year it becomes more and more dangerous to drive in Louisiana and indeed all across the country. This is because every year, exponential population growth leads to more drivers on the road, and every year, new technologies increase the risk of distraction for those who are driving on the roads. In decades past, there were fewer drivers on the road, and nearly all of them were always focused on their driving. Nowadays, the roads are nearly filled to capacity by people who may be talking on the phone or texting.

Workers' compensation and construction injuries

When you talk about workers' compensation, you are talking about an extremely important benefit that is a key consideration for nearly every employee in the country because it allows them the security of knowing that they will still have income if they are injured on the job. Whether your suffer a head injury because you slipped and fell on icy stairs or an injury caused by repetitive stress, you can take advantage of workers' compensation benefits in order to ensure that you and your family are provided for.

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