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Driver found guilty of vehicular homicide in 2011 car accident

A St. Landry Parish man has been convicted on five counts of vehicular homicide in connection with a fatal collision in 2011, according to Louisiana news reports. The collision, which occurred on Interstate 10 West on March 13, 2011, left two women and three children dead. It took less than 90 minutes for jurors to hand down a guilty verdict in the car accident case.

Authorities say that the 32-year-old driver could spend up to 30 years in prison for each count of vehicular homicide. It appears that this driver was engaged in a game of "cat and mouse" with a 25-year-old driver when the accident occurred. That other driver has already served her time in prison, and she will remain on probation for five more years.

Louisiana court rules against manufacturer of defective product

When consumers make a purchase, there is an inherent bargain struck between the buyer and the seller or maker of the goods. The consumer gives good money and expects to receive good value in return. Sometimes defective products reduce the value received by consumers. In some cases, those products can even be dangerous.

A case making its way through the Louisiana court system illustrates this truth. The case involves drywall that was sold by an out-of-country manufacturer throughout the U.S. Specifically, seven families in another state brought a lawsuit against the company, alleging that the defective drywall made individuals sick and ruined homes.

23-year-old headed to Louisiana dies in car accident

A 23-year-old woman died and a male driver was critically injured during a vehicle crash on July 14. The woman, who was planning to start a new career in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in the near future, died in the car accident that occurred on Detroit's west side. Official reports show that the male driver ran into the woman's vehicle when he ignored a red light at the intersection of two roads in Detroit.

Investigators say that the woman was pronounced dead at the scene of the car accident. The at-fault driver was seriously injured when he was thrown from his car. He was listed in critical condition after being transported to an area hospital.

Failure to yield results in fatal truck accident

Louisiana residents know that careful driving is essential to road safety, but every driver has had moments of carelessness or distraction. When one of those moments comes at the wrong time, it can result in a serious accident. In one case, the failure to yield to oncoming traffic allegedly caused a fatal truck accident.

According to Louisiana State Police, the accident involved an 18-wheeler and a pickup truck. The pickup truck, which was a Ford F-150, carried a 40-year-old passenger and was being driven by a 29-year-old man. Police report that the 29-year-old driver attempted to make a left turn onto a Louisiana road.

Fatal car accidents in Louisiana during holiday

According to one Louisiana state police sergeant, state highways were relatively quiet on July 4. That's not to say car accidents didn't occur -- there were at least four fatalities on state highways -- but the number of fatal accidents reported may be lower than in some recent years. Even so, individuals were injured or killed during what is commonly known as a high-accident holiday.

On July 4, four fatalities were reported involving vehicle accidents on state highways. Police report that seat belts were not worn by victims in any of the four accidents. Though seat belts won't save lives in every crash, one trooper said they reduce the chance of a fatality in many situations. The trooper says there is a cultural problem in Louisiana with people not wearing seat belts for a number of reasons.

Changes to state law limit athletes' workers' compensation

Formers player for the Tennessee Titans says that changes to workers’ compensation laws throughout the state have played a role in decreasing payouts for those who are legitimately injured at work. One man, Shawn Johnson, was able to obtain workers’ compensation with a one-time payment of $230,000 in Tennessee, but more workers tend to file their claims in California because of looser laws. Now, experts say that professional athletes may face additional challenges in the coming months, as administrators with the National Football League attempt to restrict workers’ compensation for players who get hurt on the job.

Representatives from players’ groups say that NFL athletes are being singled out through new workers’ compensation reform. Changes have been made to existing laws in Arizona, Louisiana and North Carolina, among other jurisdictions. Tennessee workers could also face new workers’ compensation restrictions after a unilateral measure that took effect at the beginning of July.

Fatal Louisiana pickup truck wreck leaves 1 dead

Accidents occur on the roads for many reasons, from negligent or careless driving to freak incidents that can't be avoided. When a life is lost in any car or truck accident, surviving family members may be left with financial worries as well as grief. Personal injuries claims in cases where a driver or other party was negligent in an accident are one way surviving families can seek to improve future outlook following a tragic event.

Investigators cited the driver of a pickup truck following an accident that took the life of one woman. The man was cited for driving with an expired license and failure to yield at a stop sign.

Car accident kills 2 children fishing in Louisiana bayou

Two children were killed in Prairieville, Louisiana, after they were struck by a vehicle while they were fishing in a bayou. The two victims, a 9-year-old girl and her 6-year-old brother, died when they were involved in the car accident on Bluff Road on June 24. Investigators have still not determined whether the 47-year-old female driver was impaired or distracted at the time of the fatal car collision.

Official reports show that five people, including the two young victims, were fishing in a bayou along the road when the driver veered off of the roadway and struck them. Three adult men were also injured in the collision, and they were transported from the scene of the incident to a nearby hospital. None of the men suffered life-threatening injuries, though two did have broken legs. Area residents say that the car accident occurred on a stretch of road that is particularly popular among those who like to fish in the area.

Safety failure kills 2 in Lincoln Parish gas workplace accident

An industrial accident in Louisiana has left two victims dead after a component failure during a gas well test. Reports show that the workplace accident happened in Lincoln Parish. The two men, both Texas residents, died at the scene of the incident. One other man received medical treatment and was released from the Northern Louisiana Medical Center shortly after the blast on June 19. The incident occurred at about midnight.

Authorities say that the workplace accident occurred while the victims were conducting a pressure test on a gas well. During the course of the test, a component failed, causing a blast to occur. Officials say a comprehensive investigation has been initiated to determine the exact problem that caused the workplace injury accident.

Louisiana boaters should follow safety guidelines

Louisiana waterways always see a good deal of boating traffic. Even in the cooler months, commercial vessels navigate shoreline, lakes and rivers to deliver goods or perform maritime work. During summer months, recreational boaters join the waters, increasing the likelihood of boating and maritime accidents.

Boating is similar to driving on the road in that distracted boat operators can cause accidents. Individuals operating boats should remain aware of all surroundings and avoid using electronic devices or engaging in activity that distracts them from the waterway.

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