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I suffered an injury on the job. What should I do?

Most workers are at least somewhat familiar with workers' compensation benefits, at least enough to understand that if they are injured because of their job, they could receive an insurance payout. Fortunately, not many people actually need to take advantage of these benefits, because they work in an environment that takes the safety of its employees seriously. However, because such injuries are relatively rare, a person who actually needs to take advantage of workers' compensation may find that he or she does not know where to start.

Workers' comp payouts are not as specific as the injuries

The nature and circumstances of injuries that a person might suffer while at work are almost innumerable. Depending on your occupation, you could suffer serious muscle or bone injuries due to repetitive stress such as lifting heavy objects all day every day; you could suffer blunt force trauma injuries to the head or chest due to a large machine or object striking you; you could also suffer a toxic or chemical injury.

Car defects are different from car accidents

Not many people think about the effects that defective or poorly cared for cars can have when it comes to an accident, but the risks can actually be quite severe. Certainly most car accidents are the result of one or more drivers showing lapses in judgement or even breaking the law and causing a wreck, but there are some accidents, particularly single-vehicle accidents, that are caused by some error within the car itself.

BMX bikes recalled due to possible fall risk

The holidays have come and gone, and many children and families all across the country have exchanged exciting gifts and begun to make wonderful memories. Unfortunately for some, what should be wonderful memories could instead become frightening tragedies if the purchased products do not work as intended. Manufacturing errors, defects in assembly or faults in design could easily turn a fun excursion into a trip to the hospital.

Where can I learn more about truck accidents?

There are many different complexities and angles to pursue when dealing with a truck accident, ranging from the possible causes to the parties responsible and even to different groups advocating on various sides of the issue. Because the trucking industry is so large and important to American society, a great deal of information is compiled and recorded regarding the trucks, the drivers and the companies that own them.

Helping injured Louisiana workers with compensation claims

The world is a dangerous place, and as odd or frightening as it may sound, the truth is that everything you do comes with some measure of risk. Driving to the grocery store, you could find yourself in a serious car accident. If you arrive safely at the grocery store, you could slip on a puddle of water and strike your head on the floor. Bringing your groceries back to your car, you may be struck by a vehicle in the parking lot.

Legal requirements for the trucking industry

Big rigs and large trucks are extremely important for modern society and civilization. Similar to trains, 18-wheelers are able to transport extremely heavy objects or massive amounts of a given material over long distances, ensuring that people all across the country have access to things that would otherwise be commodities. However, because driving such large trucks is not the same as driving other vehicles, there are many state and federal laws designed to ensure that the practice is as safe as can be.

How long after an offshore injury can I file a claim?

Like many other legal actions, filing a workers' compensation claim must be done within a certain time frame, known as a statute of limitations. Also like many other legal matters, depending on the state in which you reside, the laws will be slightly different. Louisiana has a relatively short statute of limitations for workers' compensation claims, giving injured workers only one year after the injury. If the injury leads to a disability, this window may be extended, but it is not to exceed two years from the day the accident occurred.

However, if you were injured in an offshore accident more than one or two years ago, do not lose hope. You could still be able to file a claim for compensation because offshore injuries are not covered by workers' compensation benefits. As a result, the statute of limitations for workers' compensation do not apply to injuries suffered on a job that occurred offshore, such as on a vessel or oil rig.

How does a workers' compensation claim work?

For nearly every employee in every state across the country, suffering an injury on the job will likely be compensated thanks to workers' compensation benefits. There are always exceptions, and the law varies by state, but generally speaking, if you are a full-time employee, and you suffer an injury in a job-related function or location, your employer's insurance will provide compensation so that you are not left on your own in the event of an injury.

Product liability covers hip replacements

When most people think of suffering an injury due to a defective product, they likely imagine a kitchen appliance that overheats and causes a fire or an electric hand tool that gives its user a shock. While these types of products certainly would qualify for product liability, you may not consider the possibility of a dangerous or defective hip implant. Nevertheless, certain hip implants can cause serious health concerns.

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