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Fatal accidents are a real risk on an oil or gas rig

Naturally, consumers tend to pay a lot of attention to the cost of fuel, without putting nearly as much thought into the realities of working in the oil and gas field. This often refers to land-based drilling and mining, but it can also refer to off-shore setups like oil drilling platforms. While consumers may not see the dangers as often, the Bureau of Labor Statistics does look at fatalities, injuries, illnesses and other such issues, tracking the data.

After all, the oil and gas industry is huge, with statistics from 2011 showing that around 500,000 workers were employed in some fashion. This was after a surge in growth that started in 2003; in those eight years, the industry grew by about 71 percent.

What is the Louisiana Products Liability Act?

The Louisiana Products Liability Act is the law that governs when manufacturers may be held accountable for dangerous products. In a past blog post, we discussed that a manufacturer can be held liable for injuries caused by a product when the injuries occurred due to a defect in design, construction or warranty. The Louisiana Products Liability Act covers those requirements, as well as several others.

According to the LPLA, an entity can be held legally liable for injuries or deaths only if it is the manufacturer of the product in question, the damage was shown to be caused by the product or some characteristic of the product, the person injured was using the product in a manner that was reasonably anticipated and the specific characteristic involved in the accident made the product dangerous.

Getting the compensation you deserve after a car accident

Everyday driving can be dangerous in Louisiana. Did you know that approximately 600 people are killed in car accidents every year? On top of that, roughly 70,000 people are injured in similar crashes. Though it is true that the majority of your trips in the car are going to finish without a problem, it only takes one incident for you to become part of these statistics.

Often, the reasons for the accident are out of your control. You can follow every traffic law in the books and still be injured when someone else runs through a red light or ignores a stop sign. You can be a cautious driver, but you can't control how fast the person coming up behind you stops at the same red light, and you could be involved in a rear-end collision that you cannot avoid.

Why do authorities investigate car and truck accidents?

Residents of Louisiana are likely familiar with the importance of calling authorities when an accident occurs. Dialing 911 obviously brings rescue and medical workers to the scene, which is essential when someone is injured in an accident. But police authorities, such as sheriff's officers or state troopers, also respond.

According to Louisiana law, it is the duty of such authorities to investigate any accident that involves the death or injury of a person. Investigation is also warranted by law if property damages from an accident are likely to exceed $500. The specific duty of investigation falls to the authority that has jurisdiction over the area where the accident occurred. In Louisiana, accidents occurring in a city or town would be investigated by police officers; accidents occurring outside of a town would be investigated by the parish sheriff's office. The exception to this is when accidents occur on a road managed by state police.

What workers' compensation is and who it covers in Louisiana

An injury on the job may need immediate treatment, and then you could find yourself wondering who is going to pay for the medical costs. If you have to stay in the hospital, you may also wonder how you are going to earn money and pay your bills while you can't work. The answer is surprisingly simple: In many cases, your employer will pay both, either directly or through an insurance company. These benefits are known as workers' compensation.

Benefits do not stop at paying for lost wages and covering medical costs, though. If someone in your family is killed at work, death benefits could be in order. If you are hurt and you need rehabilitation, the ongoing cost of that process could also be covered.

Possible dangerous trucking accidents 1 reason for town lawsuit

Individuals living in the Lake Charles, Louisiana, area are used to living with and near the oil industry. Citizens of South Louisiana have a good understanding of both the benefits and dangers of the oil field, and many may know someone who was involved in an oil-field related accident.

One town in Louisiana has filed a preemptory lawsuit, seeking to keep some oil-related activities out of the area due to fears of detrimental accidents, including oil-tanker accidents, that could contaminate water. The lawsuit alleges that the oil activity could reduce quality of life in the area, decrease home values and introduce toxic chemicals to the area.

When is the manufacturer reponsible for defective products?

When a product causes injury or death to consumers, many people automatically think the manufacturer will be held liable or at fault. The truth is, most product liability claims must go through legal channels. Sometimes, the manufacturer admits liability and agrees to a settlement; other times, the case goes to court and is decided either for or against the plaintiff.

According to Louisiana law, some conditions must be met before a product is classified as unreasonably dangerous. The product's design many be dangerous or the materials that make up the product may be dangerous. In some cases, a product is seen as dangerous because the manufacturer failed to provide adequate warning about a function, part or other area of the product that could be dangerous. If the manufacturer provides any sort of express warranty regarding a product, and the product fails to meet that claim -- especially in a way that can cause injury - -then a case may also exist.

Oil platform explosion near Louisiana takes 1 life

The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement is reporting that an oil platform recently was the site of an explosion, and the company that owns that particular platform is backing up these claims. One person was killed in the blast. Three other people suffered from injuries.

The platform is close to the coast of Louisiana, sitting under 20 miles out to sea. The company that runs the platform is Fieldwood Energy, which is located in Texas.

Louisiana State University estimates crash rates down in 2014

No one wants to be involved in a car accident. Even a minor fender bender can be a hassle busy individuals don't have time for, and more serious collisions can derail a person's entire life. According to information published by Louisiana State University, overall non-commercial accident rates may be down in 2014 when compared to previous years.

The study used accident numbers from Sept. 2013 though Sept. 2014 to estimate crash rates for 2014. According to the estimates, injury crash rates for 2014 were 758 per every 100,000 registered vehicles, compared to 974 in 2009. Between 2009 and 2010, numbers fell almost every year, for a combined five-year reduction of around 22 percent.

Garbage truck sends vehicle over bridge in Louisiana

Back on Nov. 3, a garbage truck was involved in an accident on the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway that took the life of a construction worker. The driver of that truck has now been booked on multiple charges, including negligent homicide.

The truck was apparently going south on the causeway before the crash, and it ran into the back of a construction vehicle. The force of the impact caused the construction vehicle to go out of control and fall over the edge of the bridge into the water below. The vehicle was moving at the time of the crash, though it was going slowly.

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