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Dump truck involved in possible wrongful death incident

Accidents occur throughout Louisiana on a regular basis, and sometimes there are tragic results to those accidents. Individuals involved in truck accidents or other vehicle collisions are often seriously injured or killed. When negligence or fault on the part of a driver or other party can be proven, surviving family members may choose to pursue a wrongful death suit against those potentially at fault in the accident.

Naming someone as a defendant in a wrongful death or personal injury case doesn't require that authorities cited them for an accident or charged them with any sort of criminal activity. Although such information might strengthen a personal injury case, plaintiffs can work with knowledgeable experts to investigate accidents and develop cases.

Defective products can take many forms

Scores of Louisiana residents are harmed or killed every year because of defective products that find their way onto our state's shelves. Such fatal accidents should never occur in the first place -- but what if regulatory restrictions fail, and defective products make their way into the marketplace? Victims of dangerous products should have some legal recourse for obtaining financial compensation in the wake of a consumer injury or wrongful death.

Product liability cases can take many forms. Consider the example of the automobile design defects that launched a massive recall of vehicles throughout the nation in recent months. Louisiana residents may have had insufficient warning about the dangers inherent in certain defective vehicles; as a consequence, many may have suffered serious injury because of a negligent manufacturer. Other examples of hazardous products include dangerous children's toys that may not be designed with safety in mind. Prescription drugs also fall under the purview of a product liability suit.

What is the cost of vehicle crash deaths in Louisiana?

The cost of a car accident can be counted in both monetary and non-monetary considerations. Monetarily, there is the cost of fixing damage to personal property, including vehicles damaged in an automobile crash. Medical bills or other related expenses may also be considered, as well as lost wages due to injuries.

Non-monetary costs are harder to define, but do exist. Individuals who are injured can suffer emotional pain and distress related to the accident, especially if injuries include something such as dismemberment or disfigurement. Families who lose a loved one to a fatal car accident suffer grief, loss of companionship and other issues that don't correlate exactly to expenses.

Charges filed in deadly ejection car accident on Interstate 10

A tragic collision in LaPlace, Louisiana, left a 31-year-old Mississippi man dead. The early morning collision occurred on Interstate 10 near the exit for Belle Terre, according to official reports. Authorities say that the driver responsible for the car accident may have been intoxicated at the time of the crash.

The driver of the vehicle was apparently driving east on the interstate near mile marker 205 when he lost control of his vehicle and struck the left-hand guardrail. This caused the car to plow across both lanes of traffic, striking the guardrail on the other side. The vehicle spun so violently that the decedent was ejected onto the roadway, where he was struck by another vehicle. The driver suffered minor injuries in the crash, also, but he refused medical treatment.

Two fishery workers hurt on the job when machine activated

Federal investigators have begun a formal inquiry into an incident that left two Louisiana men seriously injured on Aug. 4. Two men were seriously hurt on the job at a fish processing plant in Placquemines Parish. Occupational Safety and Health Administration representatives say they are investigating Daybrook Fisheries, which operates a fleet of fishing vessels and manages wholesale distribution in the area.

Official reports show that the victims, ages 28 and 30, suffered injuries to their legs during the industrial accident. The victims were reportedly injured on the job while they were performing maintenance activities on a fish sorting and counting machine. One of the men apparently slipped and activated a switch that energized the machine. That incident occurred at about 6 p.m.; it took nearly three hours for both victims to be rescued. They were transported to nearby medical facilities. Both remain in stable condition at the Interim LSU Hospital in New Orleans.

Investigation pending in fatal Louisiana car accident

An investigation is still pending in a Louisiana car accident that killed one man. According to authorities, the man, who was originally not identified, was ejected from the vehicle he was a passenger in during the car accident. Police say the driver of that vehicle was not cooperative in identifying the passenger, and the passenger didn't have any identification on him.

Police report that they believe both speed and impaired driving were factors in the accident. At the time of reporting, police were awaiting results of a toxicology report for the driver. Authorities also reported that the passenger who died was struck by a second, unidentified vehicle after being ejected from the Nissan Maxima he was riding in.

Some Louisiana intersections more dangerous than others

Every town has them: The intersections every driver knows are dangerous. Whether it's the structure of the road, buildings or trees that block views or simply the amount of traffic that flows through, some areas of the road seem to see more car, motorcycle and truck accidents than others. In one northern Louisiana city, a fatal accident has put the spotlight on one such intersection.

Two years ago, a motorcyclist died in an accident at the intersection. That accident involved a pickup truck and the motorcycle. According to police reports, the pickup truck attempted to avoid the collision, but close proximity made it so the driver was unable to do so.

Louisiana woman claims pharmacy distributed defective product

A Louisiana orthopedic patient is seeking legal relief after a pharmacy allegedly provided her with contaminated medication. The woman, who had been using steroid shots for her knee, claims that the Main Street Pharmacy in Gretna sold her a defective product that led to several severe side effects. The civil suit against the company was formally filed in late June.

The victim claims that that the steroid injection that was administered by Southern Orthopaedic Specialists caused her to suffer a variety of side effects, including a skin rash, vomiting, stomach upset and insomnia. The woman also suffered from a loss of appetite and general nausea, according to news reports. The injection, which was administered in June 2013, was later found to have been contaminated. The woman was alerted by her physicians, who sent her a letter explaining that the steroid injection had been recalled by the Food and Drug Administration.

Explosion kills 1, injures other in neighboring state

Along the Gulf Coast, individuals usually associate near-water explosions with shipping or oil-related endeavors. While oil accidents are always a concern for residents of Louisiana and surrounding states, there are other maritime-related explosions that can occur. On July 28, such an accident occurred in a neighboring state, taking the life of one man and injuring several others.

The accident occurred at the Omega Protein plant, which resides along the water. The plant is also connected to a shipyard, and the complex has been the site of several accidents over the past few years, say reports. In at least one fatal accident, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration found safety violations. That accident, which occurred in 2012, is associated with a lawsuit that is currently pending.

Man with broken-down car killed in automobile crash on I-10

A Louisiana man reportedly died in a hit-and-run car accident after he was struck by a car on Interstate 10 during the early morning hours on July 26. The victim, age 39, apparently ran out of gas on the interstate at about 1:30 a.m., and he got out of his vehicle to push it to the side of the road. The man was then struck by a suspected drunk driver. The automobile crash left that man dead and a passenger in the stalled vehicle with minor injuries.

The defendant is currently facing charges of driving while intoxicated, along with other allegations of vehicular negligent injuring. She is in custody in East Baton Rouge Parish. Authorities say, however, that the driver who was pushing his vehicle to the side of the road may also have been under the influence of alcohol. Toxicology information will be returned within several weeks, at which time additional action may be taken.

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