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Car accidents are more common than you might think

With every passing year, it seems that the risks of getting into a car accident only become more and more threatening. Exponential population growth causes more drivers to be on the road and more cars to compete for space on the freeway, while increases in technology lead to higher risk of distraction from things like talking on a cellphone or texting. Add into these factors the seemingly endless construction projects going on throughout Louisiana and the rest of the country, and driving is becoming positively dangerous.

Truck driver killed because of tire failure

When discussing different areas of personal injury law, it is nearly impossible not to mention motor vehicle accidents, and when discussing motor vehicle accidents, it is nearly impossible not to mention truck accidents. Truck accidents are by far the most dangerous types of motor vehicle accidents that an individual can suffer, and there are many different factors independent of the drivers that can lead to a truck accident.

Dangerous chemicals could mean workers' compensation

Workers' compensation is an extremely important legal benefit that workers can take advantage of if they are injured on the job or while performing an action that is job related. This is extremely important for a large variety of workers whose occupations place them in dangerous or hazardous conditions daily. Construction workers often come to mind, but there are certainly other workers who work in dangerous conditions.

Understanding strict liability for product liability lawsuits

Product liability lawsuits are some of the lesser known lawsuits in personal injury law. Many people are familiar with slip-and-fall accidents or car accident personal injury issues, but injury by a defective or dangerous product is not as common. However, this is not an indication that product liability lawsuits should be avoided or are somehow less effective than other personal injury cases. In fact, product liability lawsuits are arguably easier for the victim to make a successful claim with.

Helping Louisiana workers take advantage of the Jones Act

For some workers, workers' compensation benefits are pleasant bonuses that accompany unexpected injuries. For example, if you slip on an icy staircase during the winter and break your ankle, you may have a cast and need your foot to be elevated. This will obviously be difficult while at work, so you may be allowed to work from home or take a week off to recover with pay. However, for workers with dangerous jobs, such as construction workers, workers' compensation benefits are a security buffer.

If your job required you to walk around heavy machinery dozens of feet above the ground with only minimal safety features, how willing would you be to go above and beyond to do your job? Probably at least a bit reluctant. However, workers' compensation benefits help facilitate this by letting workers know that they and their families will be taken care of if they are injured on the job.

Overturned truck spills diesel fuel in Louisiana

It goes without saying that massive trucks and 18-wheelers are capable of causing serious damage in the event of an accident, but that is only partially why truck accidents might be extremely dangerous. In addition to the increased size of these vehicles, there may also be a particular type of cargo that the vehicle is transporting, and that cargo could contribute to further injuries or health complications.

Product liability can affect multiple people

When a defective or dangerous product is put on the market, it can put hundreds of thousands of American consumers at risk, especially if the defect or danger is not widely known about. Consider, for example, if a pharmaceutical company incorrectly mixes a drug or improperly labels a drug as something it is not. Anyone who consumes such a drug could be at real risk for serious side effects.

Multiple fatal accidents occur in Louisiana

Like many states, Louisiana is no stranger to fatal car accidents. It seems that not a weekend goes by in which you don't hear about a tragic or serious accident occurring on our streets, and unfortunately this weekend was no different. In fact, there were actually three fatal accidents the morning before Independence Day, ranging from a multivehicle accident to a single car accident to a truck accident.

Is my injury covered by workers' compensation?

When employees are injured because of work, their first concern is usually whether or not their employer will assist them with the injury. Especially in instances where an injury prevents an employee from performing the functions of their job, it is understandable that an employee immediately wonders about the future of their wage-earning capabilities. This is the main reason that workers' compensation benefits are so important.

Understanding truck accidents

It may seem obvious that trucks are a thing to avoid considering the massive size of trucks and most commercial vehicles can lead to serious injury or even death in an accident. However, there are also legal reasons that individuals may not be aware of which make truck accidents even less ideal. The increased complexities combined with the staunch legal defense that most trucking companies employ can make truck accidents claims an absolute nightmare for victims.

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