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Fatal accident claims 1 in Louisiana

There are many things that make car accidents frightening: they can happen to anybody for a variety of different reasons, they can cause serious physical injury or property damage, and they are one of the few ways in which a person can be unexpectedly killed. An otherwise completely healthy person can be involved in a fatal car accident that causes an unexpected death that can cause serious financial strain on those left behind and incredible emotional stress as well.

Louisiana couple seeks damages for truck accident

Back in 2013, a Louisiana couple was on a road trip to Dallas to visit their children when they were involved in an accident with a tractor trailer. According to the couple, they were heading west alongside the truck, when the truck driver suddenly switched into their lane. The truck struck their car, and they were forced off of the road where they collided with the center median wall. Allegedly, the truck driver continued driving until a witness to the accident contacted him.

Taking on truck companies for injured Louisiana drivers

If you are involved in a truck accident, it is in your best interests to contact an attorney as quickly as possible, regardless of the circumstances. You may think that your case is simple, but the truth is that there is no such thing as a simple truck accident, primarily because of the involvement of the trucking companies. These companies have years of experience in handling truck accidents to minimize their liability and ensure that they do not suffer too much due to truck accidents.

How common are fatal offshore injuries?

We often talk about the dangers of offshore injuries and how offshore workers are not afforded the same workers' compensation benefits that other workers receive. This can be especially difficult if a worker is killed on the job, leaving his or her family with a sudden loss of income. The good news for these offshore workers is that the Jones Act still affords them some protection if they are injured on the job while at sea. However, the Jones Act has very specific provisions, and unlike workers' compensation, it can be very difficult for victims or their families to get the payouts they deserve.

Anyone who has worked offshore on an oil rig or ship knows that the risk of injury is just a part of the job, and there are many different instances in which a person could be injured or even killed. But just how often do these injuries actually occur? A study performed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention may just shock you.

Offshore worker taking legal action against vessel's owners

For many workers across the country, workers' compensation is an excellent cushion upon which they can rely in the event of injury, while performing the functions of their job, to ensure that they will not be left completely financially ruined as they recover. Unfortunately, workers' compensation benefits do not extend to individuals who work offshore, which is a concern for many Louisiana residents. Luckily for these offshore workers, they still have legal options.

Back in 2014, a Mississippi man was working for a Louisiana business as a well operator. Allegedly the man was injured during a swing transfer, falling on the company's vessel and injuring his knee. He is now filing a lawsuit, claiming that the vessel was understaffed, and the crew that were aboard the vessel were not properly trained. The lawsuit claims that no crewmember was present to secure the man during the transfer, directly contributing to his fall.

Product liability injuries may prove fatal

As you may or may not know, product liability refers to an incident in which a consumer is injured by a product that is dangerous or defective by its design or manufacturing process. This can include direct injuries caused by a product, such as a cellphone that overheats and burns the user, or indirect injuries such as a smoke detector failing to alert users of potential fires. Consumers who are injured in such circumstances can receive compensation for their injuries if they file a claim.

Potential options for injured workers

If you are injured on the job, the term workers' compensation may become extremely important to you. Workers' compensation is a form of insurance provided by most employers, which injured workers' can take advantage of in order to stay somewhat financially stable if they are severely injured on the job. The benefits of workers' compensation can include a weekly income while an injured worker is unable to go to work as well as pay for medical procedures and visits necessary to treat the injury.

What is Louisiana's civil statute of limitations?

If you suffer a personal injury due to another person's negligence, such as in a car accident, it is highly recommended that you consult with an attorney as soon as possible. Many people do not prioritize legal action in the aftermath of a car accident, especially if they do not believe that the car accident caused any serious harm. However, seemingly minor car accidents can cause injuries that develop complications in the months or years following the accident, and by then it may be too late to take action.

Car accidents are more common than you might think

With every passing year, it seems that the risks of getting into a car accident only become more and more threatening. Exponential population growth causes more drivers to be on the road and more cars to compete for space on the freeway, while increases in technology lead to higher risk of distraction from things like talking on a cellphone or texting. Add into these factors the seemingly endless construction projects going on throughout Louisiana and the rest of the country, and driving is becoming positively dangerous.

Truck driver killed because of tire failure

When discussing different areas of personal injury law, it is nearly impossible not to mention motor vehicle accidents, and when discussing motor vehicle accidents, it is nearly impossible not to mention truck accidents. Truck accidents are by far the most dangerous types of motor vehicle accidents that an individual can suffer, and there are many different factors independent of the drivers that can lead to a truck accident.

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